Thursday, December 2, 2021


A candied couple gets into sticky situations
as they embark on an adventure
through a sugar-coated wonderland.

Produced by Fuzzysurf
Directed & Animated by
Tommy Simms
Story by Tommy Simms & Joe Ludwig
Based on an Original Concept by Fuzzysurf
Compositing & Live Action Cinematography
by Joe Ludwig
Sets by Ann Vollrath
Starring The Fuzzysurf Candyman Quartet:
Sean Lehner, Ben Giddens,
Corey Murphy, Michael Roy

"Just when you thought the indie rockers couldn't possibly match their previous visual efforts that featured footage of puppets and other inventive concepts with top-notch production, the band decided to bring animation into the mix... Today, Fuzzysurf outdid their (previous efforts) with what we can safely call its best video yet." 
- Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Record

- Milwaukee Record Review

- Shepherd Express

- Breaking & Entering

- Milwaukee Record

- Radio Milwaukee

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