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Tommy Simms
is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts who specializes in stop-motion animation, puppetry, and cartoons. Tommy is the creator of such animations as FEED ME! (an excerpt from Little Shop of Horrors) and the award-winning The Legend of Leatherface Larry (a claymation that follows the adventures of a sheriff in the Wild West). A few Film Festivals, including the 67th Festival de Cannes, have featured Tommy's Toons and some have also been broadcast on PBS. Besides his independent films, he has animated for The Poetry Foundation, Present Music, and YoungBlood Theatre, while The Chickadees and Milwaukee Public Television have showcased his puppetry. Over the years, Tommy has given community lessons on how-to-draw cartoon characters, while also having taught stop-motion animation classes at the Kohler Arts Center, Marquette University, and Tim Decker's Cartoon Adventure Camps. Currently, Tommy teaches summer art camp workshops with Mark Kistler's Imagination Station, and now students can learn the process of stop-motion animated film making with Tommy and Jamie's Virtual Claymation Classroom!
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