Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome to Tommy and Jamie's Claymation Classroom

Hello all of you GENIUS Artists and Animators out there!

Have you watched movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, Wallace and Gromit and wondered,
"How do they do that?"

Well then, Tommy and Jamie's Virtual Claymation Classroom
is the class for you!
To begin, all you'll need is some clay, a camera, and your imagination!

Join us as we begin our weekly Claymation lessons, teaching you everything you'll need to know to create your very own stop-motion animated films. We'll begin with the basic topics of animation - ranging from timing to squash and stretch, disappearing, morphing, and more!
Once all of the basics are covered, we'll move on to creating the claymation films! The first few films will start off a bit simple, becoming more and more complex as we progress.

Film Topics Include:
Silly Snowmen, Household Pets, Desert Dramas, Epic Arctic Snowboarding Penguins, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Futuristic Space Adventures, Life-Saving Superheroes, and more...

With each film, we will explore story development, set design and construction, character design and development, as well as different filming techniques.

All of our Claymation lessons are recorded for your viewing pleasure to watch at your convenience 24/7/365! We will also host occasional LIVE Question and Answer sessions to demonstrate class topics further.

We welcome students of all ages!

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Hope to see you there!
Until then . . . STAY ANIMATED!

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